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GHASS is an artist for nearly 30 years now. Like Alpine, he writes a new page in his history.

After his painting "PEACE" has gone around the world through the seas, the installation of a monumental sculpture in Paris Porte Dauphine for people reunification, GHASS now wishes to convey his message of peace through the Alpine A450.



Ghass’ paintings are abstract but orderly. From a stylistic point of view, his work is at the intersection of Pollock and Kandinsky. His geometric shapes are often free and playful. Using drops of paint and scribbled numbers, his work can easily shift between strict forms and their wild unmasking. His work is often a synthesis of order and chaos, an aesthetic fusion that works despite its innate incongruity. Over time, his psychological portraits of warfare that he faced were replaced by windows into life that were all together just as impressive. The old scars have not completely healed, but they no longer dominate. Today, hope triumphs. 


Ghass was 15 years old when the revolution began. As for all young men at the time, war was unavoidable and he spent two years on the front line. One year later he decided to leave for Paris, where he hoped to exorcise the images of war that had pervaded so much of his early life. He never went back. That was in 1989.



His history

Feelings of sadness and the memories of blood and violence lingered, but Ghass sought to take control of his dark past and transform those experiences into something therapeutic for himself and the general public. Painting became his primary mode of self-expression.


For nineteen years, he limited his palette to three distinct colors: red to reflect the sky after a bombing, black in memory of burnt landscapes, and white as a traditional symbol of peace and innocence.


In 2010, after the death of his parents, Ghass decided to introduce a fourth color, yellow, to his paintings. The new color came to represent a type of rebirth, a “hymn to life and hope.”


Today Ghass has introduced blue to bring the breath of fresh air the world sorely needs during these tumultuous times.

A selection of his paintings
Before the Alpine A450 by Ghass
FIAC 2015//
Installation of the monumental sculpture "PEACE BY GHASS" located in Paris at Porte Dauphine, first of a collection of 13 sculptures across the world's largest capitals.
Exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo for the event "Les artistes à la une" organized by the newspaper Libération.

These thirteen sculptures, the first of which has taken up residence at the Paris-Dauphine University, will be similar and different, like human nature.


They will rush to heaven in the form of shouts of hope. They will cross borders and continents, from Seoul to Johannesburg, from New York to Abu Dhabi, to form a chain between places of culture and knowledge, between universities, museums and foundations, which will symbolically associate to this web of hope in Peace.

The University Paris-Dauphine, which is the starting point, has been chosen for its symbolic. It is a well-known place of knowledge and culture and was formerly the NATO head office.

Ghass has been part of the collaborative and artistic project organized by Libération on December 2016 at the Palais de Tokyo.

Some thirty renowned artists have been selected to take another look at one of the newspaper’s many symbolic "front pages" in order to create an original work.

These works have been donated freely to an auction put in place in March 2016 in favor of Reporters Without Borders.



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